Essential Soccer Equipment To Get Started

If you have just signed your child up to begin playing soccer in a youth league, there are a few essential pieces of soccer equipment they will need before their season starts.

Cleats/Shoes – Picking up a pair of soccer-specific shoes should be at the top of your list. If your child plans on playing in an outdoor league on grass or turf, they will need a shoe that is designed for traction and support. These types of shoes are often referred to as cleats. Your child’s age and competitive level will be important in determining what the optimal shoe for your child will be as there are a wide variety of options.

If your child is playing soccer on a court surface, such as a gym floor, you will need to purchase a pair of indoor soccer shoes. This type of footwear works well on hard surfaces by utilizing a flat rubber patterned sole for grip.

The final soccer-specific shoe is a turf shoe that is designed only for turf. This type of shoe can also be used on a gym surface but this is not ideal or recommended. Turf shoes feature mini rubber studs that are needed to ensure the player’s grip while playing on a turf surface. These shoes cannot be used on grass surfaces as they do not provide enough traction and support.

Shin Guards – In the game of soccer, most contact occurs below the knees. It is for this reason that shin guards at all levels are required for protection. Shin guards are constructed using a variety of materials, offering different levels of protection. For smaller children, shin guards that feature ankle protection are highly recommended. For older children, shin guards vary in terms of protection size and allow for personal preference.

Soccer Socks – Just like soccer shoes, they will also need a special kind of sock that is designed for the sport. These long socks stretch from the foot to just below or above the knee, adding additional support for the shin guards to stay in place while playing. Socks also indirectly protect the player from minor scratches that may occur while playing. If you are joining a team/league for the first time, it would be good to check with them ahead of purchasing socks as these are often provided.

Soccer Ball –Most leagues will provide balls for games and practices. However, we suggest having your own soccer ball at home to practice with. Investing in a high-quality ball, along with the rest of the soccer equipment, will give your soccer star the opportunity to practice on their own time and truly get a feel for the game. Sizes vary depending on the age of the child. Make sure to check that you have the right size before purchasing.

Goalkeeper Gloves – If your child is interested in being a goalie, goalkeeper gloves are a definite necessity! Designed specifically to support a keeper’s wrists, as well as fingers, certain brands offer the feature ‘finger-save’, which is essentially additional protection for each finger. Goalkeeper gloves protect the player’s hands from opposing player’s shots, while still allowing the freedom of finger movement.

Water Bottle – While not technically a piece of soccer equipment, water bottles are extremely important for all athletes at any skill level. With the amount of running that happens in soccer, hydration should always be of the utmost importance. Just be sure to write their name on the bottle so it does not get mixed up with a teammate’s.

No matter what piece of soccer equipment you are looking for, we guarantee that we have everything you need to start playing “The Beautiful Game”!

At Soccer World, we offer a Youth Soccer Starter Pack (which includes shoes, shin guards and a Soccer World back sack) at a low price of $39.99! If you have a child that is starting soccer soon, this package will help them get off on the right foot.

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