Finding The Right Soccer Shoes For Your Position

It’s important to keep the type of surface you will be playing on in mind when deciding on your soccer footwear, but it’s also wise to base your choice on the position you play on the pitch. Matching your style of play to the right kind of soccer shoes can make a world of difference on the field, so we’ve included some cleat qualities to keep an eye out for whether you are a striker, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper!

At the forefront of the offensive attack are the strikers. Usually among the fastest players on a team, this position must balance speed with power to effectively score goals against their opponents. Speed cleats are generally designed and aimed to be used by forwards because they are lightweight, keeping the wearer light on their feet while zooming up and down the field. This type of shoe does sacrifice some protection, but offers a barefoot touch on the ball!

The needs of this position can vary depending on the type of midfielder that you are. While some play a more offensive game, others may drop back and pride themselves as an asset on defense. Midfielders are generally considered to be the playmakers, threading passes through defenders and chasing down opposing attackers, so we suggest picking up a pair of control cleats.

This type of shoe offers a more padded touch than a speed cleat, providing more protection for the wearer without sacrificing too much touch. Control cleats strike a good balance between speed and protection, and usually come slightly wider for a more comfortable, natural fit to your foot!

Depending on the kind of defender you are, you may value speed over control or vice versa. Whichever quality you are more drawn to, one thing is for sure, a defender needs to keep stability and protection in mind. Playing defense is a tough position, both in terms of the positional responsibilities and physical toll on your body, especially your feet.

Finding a pair of cleats that provide great traction, while also being sturdy enough to take abuse from both incoming balls and players, is essential for a defender. While some defenders choose speed cleats and others choose control cleats, ensuring that the shoes are made from a durable material, like leather, is key.

Perhaps the most unique of all the positional cleats, a goalie needs to strike a balance between power, support, lateral movement, and comfort! While goalkeepers are the last line of defense, the defenders on the team will likely be enduring more abuse throughout the game, making it reasonable to sacrifice protection for a bit more speed while in net. We suggest choosing a shoe that feels comfortable, but still offers solid traction and speed for moving around in the box and making those key saves!

From lightweight speed-focused footwear to protective leather cleats, we can help you find the right soccer shoes to fit your style of play and position!

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