Keeping Your Child Active With Outdoor Soccer Fun

Are you looking to keep your little athlete active and busy? What better way than through fun individual practice and play! Whether your child is a seasoned player or just starting to learn the game, we have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor soccer equipment to keep your child active, while still having fun!

Here’s some gear we recommend to get them started:

Balls, Cones, Hurdles and more…

One of the most fundamental and basic soccer skills your child should learn is ball handling, and doing keep-ups is a great way to develop this skill, as well as control. This activity involves juggling the ball in the air with any body part, excluding the hands and arms. Investing in a new ball that is the right size for your child might be the motivation they need to practice this skill!

Encourage your child to set up cones, markers, and hurdles to mimic what their real soccer practices are like! This ability to be creative and control their own fun will encourage natural play and engagement that can last hours in your backyard green space!

We also have plenty of agility webs and starter kits for more ball handling fun and development!

Nets and Rebounders

What child doesn’t love to kick a ball into the net? We have a variety of nets to suit all skill levels, including pop-up nets and bow-nets in varying sizes. Your child can work on both developing their goaltending and goal-scoring skills.  

Rebounders are also great for both goalkeepers and out players, with the functionality to be set up indoors or outdoors. Your child can work on a number of skills including their first touch, reaction time, throwing accuracy, and weaker foot strengthening. A soccer rebounder is a versatile piece of equipment that can be extremely effective in improving your child’s overall game.

Compression Gear

Compression gear is designed to help keep muscles warm, limber, and supported for better performance and protection while playing. We have a wide selection of compression gear for all sizes including shorts, pants, chest, and upper body shirts (short and long-sleeved).

This apparel is especially important at this time, since not playing for long periods can increase a child’s risk of injury. Picking up the right compression gear will help limit and prevent this risk. 

With over 30,000 items in stock, we are sure you’ll be able to find what you are looking for at a great price! 

Due to the current health and safety situation, we are not able to welcome customers into our store. That being said, if you are in need of any soccer products please email us at info@soccerworldcentral.com so we can discuss what we have in stock that can fit your needs!

We are also now offering a delivery option if you know what you are looking for! 

Locally owned and operated since 2001, we are dedicated to providing the best soccer equipment and products to individuals, families and teams across the Greater Toronto Area. With over 30,000 items in stock, make Soccer World your destination for all your outdoor soccer needs!

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