Leather and Synthetic Soccer Shoes

Finding the perfect pair of soccer shoes can help elevate your game to a whole new level, but first, you need to determine what kind of material is the best for your type of gameplay. While shoes used to solely be made from leather, synthetic materials are now much more common. 

Pros of Leather

–         Leather is considered to be more comfortable than synthetic. It is soft and will mold to the shape of your foot over time.
–         The newer, high quality leather shoes will give you an excellent feel and a softer touch for the ball compared to a lower quality synthetic or even a high quality synthetic shoe.

–         Leather is generally better for wide feet due to the fact they mold to the shape of one’s foot.

Cons of Leather

–        This type of shoe can be heavier than its synthetic counterparts. You may feel a bit weighed down in leather shoes, especially if they have absorbed water.
–        Leather shoes require much more care than other materials to maintain the longevity of the shoes. Leather can start to crack and deteriorate if left untreated.
–        Beware of sizing due to over stretching

Pros of Synthetic

–       Synthetic soccer shoes are generally lighter than leather and will not absorb water when playing in wet conditions, allowing them to dry quicker and easier to maintain.

–       This type of footwear will have a tight fit right away, and be able to bend easily with your foot.

–       Generally suited for a more snug and narrow fit, which gives synthetic boots a sock like fit.

Cons of Synthetic

–       If you plan on using your shoes often, wear and tear will begin to add up quicker than it would with leather footwear.

–       While this kind of shoe does provide an immediate tight fit, they will not stretch or mold to your foot the same way as leather.

–       Lower quality synthetic materials often take away from a natural touch and feel of the ball.

Overall, both types of material will give you a different touch/feel of the ball. A lot also depends on getting the correct fit and personal preference.

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